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Starting Ant Keeping?

We know it can all be a bit overwhelming at first so we have condensed our best Beginner Friendly Products into one place 

 Starter Species

Lasius Niger

Lasius are perfect for place to start beginners as they are very hardy and easy to work with.

 Known as the Black Garden Ant, they are very interesting and fun to watch, master basic skills such as barriers and feeding easily and safely with these Ants.


Ants dont need much space when in founding stage, in fact to much space can be harmful, we have two great options for you here

Premium Tubs and Tubes Starter Kit

Premium Tubs and Tubes Starter Kit, Tubs and Tubes are great for founding and larger colonies. 

 Giving you the chance to keep your colony in there test tubes even longer, the perfect space for them. 


 This smart looking housing will be perfect for the first year or even more.

Nest & Outworld Combo XS

The Small size is perfect for a small colonies, with large chambers and a large water reservoir filled with sponge to maintain the perfect humidity gradient necessary for developing brood.


We have three great bundles to choose from, these contain a wide range of products perfect for a starting Ant Keeper

Beginner Subscription Box

This Box is designed to be all you need for your first year of Ant Keeping, Giving you the chance to Build Your Collection and SKILLS over the year with Monthly Subscription Boxes whilst SPREADING THE COST.

Best Value




Every month

An Introduction To Ant Keeping

Valid for 12 months

All you need for your first year of Ant Keeping

Build Your Collection Over The Year With Monthly Boxes

Covering Three Varying Ways To Keep Ants

Throughout The Year Boxes Can Contain:

Monthly Fact Sheet, 2 Page Learning Guide & Fresh Protein

Three Starter Colonies, Spaced Over The Year

Over £10 of Items Each Month Including: Food, Housing.

Discounts & Vouchers

Merchandise and More

Postage Included


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