Hire Us Out

Hire out Ants On A Rock to your Dorset Based School, Seminar , Event or even your Party. We can offer sessions for varying sized groups and different time scales so please get in touch with your request and we will do our best to help


Prices and Terms Negotiated over Email, please get in touch. Some of what we can offer includes


  Free Flow sessions, to include a collection of inverts, ants and suitable creepy crawlies for looking viewing and interacting with, With all your Questions answered and lots of knowledge passed on in a fun way.


  Lecture sessions, to include a larger collection of inverts, including millipedes, beetles, Ants, isopods and other suitable inverts and creepy crawlies to view and interact with. With Educational talks on each of the species brought with us and more. Hand outs, Work Sheets, Aiming to passion a lot of knowledge 

  Building a bioactive terrarium to keep. These can last many years with very little care involved. During the process a full explanation (age relevant) of each part and the relevance to the project. All materials included in price


 All programs are Highly educational and enjoyable, they will stick in the participants mind for a long time. Promoting environmentally friendly living and a deeper understanding of the environment and habitats. A deeper understanding of our native and common ant species, (Lasius Niger) and other insects.