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Premium Tubs and Tubes Starter Kit

Premium Tubs and Tubes Starter Kit.

 Recently redesigned


No longer just a tub, this custom built enclosure comes with a double tube bed built in to hold your test tubes, whilst offering your ants a space for foraging and a secure space when coupled with our escape prevention.


The perfect environment for founding stages Tubs and Tubes are also great for larger colonies, Giving you the chance to keep your colony in there test tubes even longer...


With 4 clear perspex sides for your viewing pleasure the AOAR premium tubs and tubes is the only tub you will need.


Fully integrated with all our other products via 12mm tubing. 


This smart and affordable housing will be perfect for the first year or even more!!




All kits come with


  • Premium Tubs and Tubes
  • 2 Test Tubes
  • Length of 12mm Tubing




Now printed in PETG for a better water and heat resistance and longevity, please note there may be a wait of up to 5 days for 3d prints depending on the product ordered.


Pictures coming soon. Find all our new products available to view and buy at The Great Ant Exhibition Bristol 2024


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