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Ants On A Rock started as a small YouTube Channel back in 2020. Since that We have strived to bring you quality regular content Based on Ants and other Inverts. Also Great shows like The Picnic Table "Ant Chat", A Chat Show Hosted by Tom from Ants on a Rock. Featuring Interviews with Interesting Guests, Random Chat and lots of fun. never miss an episode by finding all on Spotify "the picnic table".

A Midnight Feast for pur Freeroaming Mantis #antsonarock #mantis
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 We stretched onto more platforms including Twitch late that year with a goal to grow the Ant Keeping Hobby. Early 2022 we opened our new WEBSITE,, with our store and our Signature Subscription Boxes, now offering a complete learning experience to aspiring Ant Keepers. Our plans were bigger than this, we took on many roles and started The Great Ant Exhibition. yet our plans grow further

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                                                     Featuring Special Guest Interviews, Games,      Community Involvement and a Chat Show Vibe. 

Every Wednesday and Sunday, starting with a Pre Show Feeding at 8.30GMT and the Show starts at 9.

A great place to chat, learn, get involved and win some great prizes to....


This show Hosted by Tom from Ants on a Rock 
and is sponsored by & Valhalla Martial Arts Weymouth.

Streaming live on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, If you miss a stream you can find all our streams on Spotify, just search for the picnic table.

To get on the Show, give us a message directly on any of our social Media Platforms.

#thepicnictable #ants #chatshow #antsonarock #stream #live #games

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The Picnic Table Chat Show

Ants on a Rock Ant
Ants on a Rock Ant


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