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Formica rufibarbis


 Formica rufibarbis also known as Red-barbed Slave ant and are a very popular Ant species to keep due to their awesome colour and behaviours. They can be difficult to keep and often tend to Gas themselves to death.


 When they feel threatened, they react by spraying Formic Acid at the threat, this often lingers in the air and can sell somewhat like vinegar.


 Colonies tend to have just a single queen but can still reach large numbers in successful colonies. They will slow down for diapause around November and wake up to become more active again in February/March.


These Ants are a medium size with queens reaching 10mm and workers averaging 5-7mm.


Like most Ants they require Sugar for Carbs and Pre-Killed Insects for Protein.


Keep these Ants between 20-26C with a humidity of 50-60%,

keeping them closer to 25C will speed up brood development.

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