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Stick Insects 


"Peruphasma schultei" Black Beauty Stick Insect 

This stick insect originates from Peru and is popular in captivity

This species will grow up to 7-9cm long and having a velvety black appearance.

They can live between 1 to 2 years.

Once adults, they have beautiful red wings and red mandibles and yellow eyes.

They are easy to handle but they can spray a liquid if startled, this is harmless but can irritate the eyes. Ensure to wash hands after handling


Nypmh and adult care


They don’t need misting often,but spraying the food plant when changing is good for them to drink.

Nymphs and adults should be kept in an enclosure at least 3 times their size to allow for moulting, the more you have the larger the cage needed.

They moult around 5-6 times to reach adult hood, moulting is usually done hanging from the top of the enclosure or a high up leaf and nymphs should not be disturbed while moulting as they can fall or even get stuck.

They should be kept well ventilated and live happily when kept at room temperature.




They will feed well on Privet which can be found in gardens all year round and can be fed as a stable, they can also eat honeysuckle.

Food should be changed regularly to stay fresh. Keeping the cuttings in a jar of water will keep the food fresh for longer.

Cut leaves or leaves already nibbled on by adults are better for hatchlings as newly hatched nymphs can have trouble feeding on the hardened edges. You can do this by cutting the edges of leaves with scissors.




Once matured, females can lay 100+ eggs each which if kept in the correct condition will hatch with a very high success rate

This species require a male to fertilise the eggs.

Place a small tub with soil in for them to lay the eggs


Egg Care


Place eggs on vermiculite (can be bought at some pet shops), damp tissue or similar, these eggs can be keep at room temperature of 20-25oC

Mist lightly every few days to keep the surroundings damp but not wet.

Check regularly for mould as if left to grow it will kill the nymphs inside.

Eggs take 4-6 months to hatch from being laid depending on temperature. Warmer temperatures will cause them to hatch sooner and cooler temperatures will take longer.

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