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Ant Hill Takeover (Board Game)(Test Version)

Ant Hill Takeover (Board Game)(Test Version)

Game description:


This is a game of fun, facts and Learning all in one.


Challenge your friends and loved ones to our family friendly super fun board game.


Move your pieces around the board, answering insect and general knowledge questions as you go. Which will help you collect worker ants building your ant army with every correct answer.


The aim of the game is simple, answer correct and build your colony and whoever has the strongest colony by the time all players reach the nest is the winner.


● Designed for friends and family

● Over 300 cards for longer gameplay!

● Great for learning

● Great fun

● Family friendly questions & gameplay

● Expansion packs with even more questions*


1-6 Players

Ages 8+ (contains small parts (Choking hazard))


*Expansion packs avaliable soon


**Please note this is made by the Ants on a Rock team and is still in development. we aim to improve all hardware in the box if this game proves to be a success.


Feedback greatly appreciated. 


Now printed in PETG for a better water and heat resistance and longevity, please note there may be a wait of up to 5 days for 3d prints depending on the product ordered.


Pictures coming soon. Find all our new products available to view and buy at The Great Ant Exhibition Bristol 2024

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