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Nest & Outworld Combo M2

Nest & Outworld Combo M2

The Nest & Outworld Combo M2 is the perfect product for any ant keeper looking for a compact and easy way to keep their growing colony.


This Formicarium combines a nesting space with an outworld, providing ample space for your ants to thrive. The medium M2 size is perfect for a larger growing colony, with large chambers and a large sponge filled water reservoir to maintain the perfect humidity gradient necessary for developing brood.


This product is a must-have for any ant keeper looking to provide their colony with the perfect environment to grow and thrive. With a sealed nest unit and an outworld accessible by sliding the 2mm thick acrylic back and forth, allowing for easy feeding and maintenance.


These products are all fully integrated to all of the AOAR range and can be connected via 12mm tubing.


This product is shipped with a Length of 12mm Tubing.

Approx. L 22cm x W 14.5cm x H 3cm

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