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Myrmeleon (Ant lion)

Myrmeleon (Ant lion)

 Myrmeleon (Ant lion) 


Also available for collection at The Great Ant Exhibition Bristol


 Check them out via this link


 These are an ant-lion genus in the subfamily Myrmeleontinae. There diet consists mainly of ants, but they will consider anything that they can overpower in their pit, like spiders, flies, mites, small beetles, and caterpillars. 


Feeding should be often every 2-3 days. Room Temp 15 - 27C

Larval body length 7mm. 


 They dig conical pits in sand to capture their prey. Can be housed together, making for a fun and interesting pet.


 Antlions should be kept in containers half-filled with dry sand. containers such as large plastic water cups, aquariums, insect cages, bowls, etc. The important factor is it should be at least 4 inches deep . If the level of the sand is too low, the antlion will not be able to make an effective pit trap. 


 The Larva stage can last a many years, once metamorphosis is complete, It is known as a Ant Lion Lacewing, These flying insects do not live long, but are very beautiful in the mean-time.


 Antlions do not require supplementary water they obtain all they need from their prey.


Full Care Guide Available At By Clicking Here!!


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