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Giant Land Snails

Giant Land Snails

These African land snails are of an unknown species, as their original bloodline comes from a pair of rescue snails of an unknown origin, but we hold a strong belief that they are Lissachatina fulica.


Land snails are nocturnal like most snails but will wander out in the daylight hours to feed when the mood takes them.

Snails are easy to look after, only needing three essential things to keep them healthy and happy, food, water, and warmth.


As an African genus they require a warm humid environment of around 22-25C. If you're comfortable, then they're comfortable. A nighttime drop in temperature of 2 or 3 degrees is expected. 


Acceptable foods for this genus include carrot, sweet potato, leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach and dandelion leaves, with cucumber being a firm favourite of all snails. They also require calcium to keep their shells strong and healthy, and this can be provided as a powdered suppliment sprinkled on their food or as cuttlefish shell. Any food must be washed properly before offering it to your pets in case of insecticide contamination. Even if you have grown their food yourself it should be washed to remove settled exhaust emissions from cars or possible parasites or contiminants.


Land snails require a humid environment, and it is good practice to mist their enclosure twice a day and ensure that the substrate (and snail) is moist, not wet.


Snails supplied as babies approximately 6 cm in length (shell).

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