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Flightless Fruit Fly Culture

Flightless Fruit Fly Culture

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Fruit fly species we sell

Black (normal) (Drosophila hydei)

At 2-3mm, they are ideal for small species such as frogs, lizards and inverts


Small Fruit Fly

(Drosophila melanogaster)

At 1.5 - 2mm they are ideal for tiny species such as thumbnail dart frogs or young frogs, lizards and smaller inverts

Culture maintenance

Once you receive delivery of your new culture, all you have to do is place it somewhere at room temperature (20 to 22 Celsius). You won't have to wait long for the flies to pupate and emerge as adults. The time period for the culture to develop, pupate and adults to emerge may vary depend upon the developmental stage of the culture and the ambient temperature. Generally D. hydei (large flies) take about 3 weeks and D. melanogaster (small flies) take about 2 weeks to complete their life stages (from egg to adult fly) at 20 to 24 Celsius.

Why choose us?

Here at ants on a rock we are a small independent business that appreciates every order. All our fruit fly cultures are freshly made with the best quality flies and media

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