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Easy feeder

Easy feeder

now supplied with 2x inserts


This smart little adaption is a game changer and makes feeding problems in test tubes a thing of the past.


Designed in collaboration with a customer we are pleased to add this to our store and available for all.


Make test tube feeding easy simply attach to the end of the test tube, fill the feeding tray and push it in its place.


The Stopper creates a tight seal when feeding and when replacing the food just pull out the feeding tray to the solid section to keep your ants nice and secure then push it back in again with new food ready to go.


To clean simply remove the full piece and replace with the second insert or plug with cotton. Wash the testube feeder and simply replace back on the test tube when needed.


With 0.35mm air holes to allow for air flow but keeping your ants safe.


Use the feet provided to keep the testube from rolling around.

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