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caribena versicolor

A beginner species of tarantula, The Canibena versicolor are also known as the Antilles Pinktoe, growing to around 15cm leg span when adult the are a large but not giant tarantula, known for its beautiful colours and generally calm temperament.

 They can be fast growing if kept correctly, gaining more colours as it ages, they can be very skittish and fast when small, so we suggest always having a catch cup ready when dealing with them.

 They are a arboreal species mean they like to climb and live in the trees, rarely venturing down to the ground, this should be replicated in the feeding to ensure your Tarantula is happy.


Canibena versicolor do prefer warmer temperatures, although they live comfortably at general room temperature. A humidity of around 50-65% will be fine with spraying regularly or as they get dry. Its more important to have good cross ventilation for them as to replicate their natural environment.

 Keep on a diet of Fruit Fly and small insects until larger when they require more substantial prey, able to attack and dispatch live most live prey with ease.


Housing: Keep in a small Solid encloser with good cross ventilation and grow it as they grow, giving them room to grow but keeping the space small to aid hunting.

 Check out our invert enclosers for a fully customisable experience.

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