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Capsule Nest S

Capsule Nest S

 Part of the Ants on a Rock 3d Printed Range.


Introducing the Capsule Nest S, the ideal home for your small ant colonies.


Designed to accommodate colonies of 30 to 100 workers depending on the species, this nest features two layers and multiple rooms for your ants to organize their brood. The humidity gradient is easily regulated by adding water to the sponge, ensuring your ants thrive in a comfortable environment.


Compact and practical, the Capsule Nest S is the perfect addition to any ant keeper's collection.


Attaching easily to our other products via 12mm vinyl Tubing.


This product is shipped with a Length of 12mm Tubing.


Avalible in White, Black or Ants on a Rock Blue!!

Approx. L 8.5cm - W 5cm - H 6cm

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