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AOAR Tower nest attachment

AOAR Tower nest attachment

The AOAR Tower outworld is a nest attachment that serves as either  a nest attachment/ outworld area or a junction box to connect to other AOAR products especially where the 2 12mm ports are present. Easily connect multiple outworlds and nests using 12mm vinyl tubing into any of the 6 ports around the tower.


Featuring 6 ports for multiple attachments, 2 floors for added space and ease of ant flow through the tubing. The AOAR tower has a sponge filled reservoir keeping that perfect humidity gradient which is great should the colony decide to move brood to this area.


Great for larger colony’s where extra space is necessary, but can also be used for smaller growing colony’s as an outworld for a nest. just block off the extra ports with the AOAR port blockers and your good to go.


Stackable and affordable the tower nest is a great addition to your ever expanding colony giving multiple options for attachments and is fully integrated with all other AOAR products.


This product is shipped with & a Length of 12mm Tubing

W 5.5cm x L 6cm x H 6cm

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