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AOAR Lite Nest S

AOAR Lite Nest S

These nests have been made inline with our lite range and are a simple and affordable nest solution providing the necessery conditions for your growing colony.


The lite range is perfect for ant keepers who want to provide their colonies with a small nesting area with floor space rather than height in mind.


Featuring multi ports for connection of several nests or outworlds. The lite range has a clear 2mm sealed pespex viewing panel giving you the ability to easily check on your ants at any time, feautures an easy to fill sponge hydration chamber helping to maintain the optimum humidity gradient within the nest, multi chambers for healthy brood development and a cut out underneath the nest for heat cable managment to help maintain that perfect temperature.


The solid walls and 2mm perspex viewing panel ensures your ants are safe and secure.


This product is shipped with a Length of 12mm Tubing.

Approx. L 6.5cm x W 9cm x H3cm

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