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AOAR Blackout Box

AOAR Blackout Box

Introducing the AOAR blackout box.


The perfect addition to your ant keeping collection. Designed as part of the Ants on a Rock 3D printed range.


This sleek and stylish blackout box is the ideal home for small or founding colonies of ants. Providing a perfectly dark space for your ant colonies the fully blacked out box opens from the top providing a safe and secure space and foraging area for timid species.


Attach your nesting test tube with ease and add extra water, feeding tubes or new nest test tubes to the second port with little disruption to your ants.


With just under 4cm of internal space, it provides a perfect environment for your ants to rest and retreat.


These boxes come with a locking joint at the back, allowing you to group blackout boxes together creating a unique space saving way to raise your new colonys.


Available in various colours.


Each box is shipped with:


  • 2x test tubes


Choose from tube size: 10mm ,14mm and 10-14mm.

Approx L 5cm x W 3.5cm x H 2cm (Without lid)

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