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The AOAR BioBox

The AOAR BioBox

Part of the Ants on a Rock 3d Printed Range.

 Perfect for Weaver Ants and Arboreal Species. (Not for Micro Species)


Introducing The AOAR BioBox, the ultimate bioactive habitat for your ant colony. Ants on a Rock have combined 3d printing technology with bioactive elements to bring you a design that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We are very proud of our new ideas and have taken steps to protect this new technology


The innovative climbing "Scaffold" provides the perfect space for your ants to nest and explore. With years of experience behind us, we guarantee that The AOARBioBox will be the perfect addition to your ant keeping collection.


This innovative design features a built-in carbon and drainage layer within the base, which ensures proper drainage and water filtering to prevent bacteria and mould, whilst it helps to maintain a healthy environment for your ants. With the easy-to-use water hole in the back of the base, you can add water to the nesting box or spray from above to keep the humidity levels just right.


This sturdy enclosure features a sleek black base and lid, with white walls that offer the ideal environment for your ants to nest and thrive. The solid walls provide the necessary darkness for optimal nesting conditions, while the front view allows you to observe your colony's activity.


The large opening lid makes feeding a breeze, and we recommend using our Ants on a Rock Barrier mix to keep your Ants contained. Alternatively, you can attach an  outworld to elavate your viewing experience.


 Avalible in Small and Large, Nest or Outworld


Provided with 

  • 12mm vinyl Tubeing
  • Test Tube Connector
  • A small bag of Ants on a Rock Living Substrate.
  • Pipet & Tweezers
  • A Small Bottle of Ants on a Rock Candy Mix
  • Instructions 



Attach easily to our other products via 12mm vinyl Tubeing (Included)


Small External: L 15cm - W  15cm H 16cm

Small Internal: L 12.5cm - W 12.5cm H 13cm


Large External: L 20.5cm - W 20.5cm H 22cm

Large Internal:  L 18.5cm - W 18.5cm H 17cm


Now printed in PETG for a better water and heat resistance and longevity, please note there may be a wait of up to 5 days for 3d prints depending on the product ordered.


 Find all our new products available to view and buy at The Great Ant Exhibition Bristol 2024

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