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"Customisable" Invert Enclosure

"Customisable" Invert Enclosure

 Introducing our customisable Invert Enclosure from the Ants on a Rock 3d printed range.


This modern enclosure features a sleek black base and lid with white walls, plus a full view front-facing 2mm perspex window for easy viewing of your invertebrates.


Built to suit your unique needs as an invert keeper.


With a range of options to choose from, you can customise the following:


  • size with 3 sizes available
  • side ventilation or no side ventilation
  • side door or no side door
  • mesh roof or solid roof
  • internal ledges or no ledges
  • furnished with decor or unfurnished


We offer a variety of features that allow you to create the perfect habitat for your invertebrates ensuring that your inverts are comfortable and secure.


Our customisable enclosures are the perfect solution for any invert keeper looking for a tailor-made home for their beloved pets.


Approx. Sizes

Small external - W 11cm - L 11cm - H 10.5cm

Small internal - W 10cm - L 10cm - H 8.5cm 


Medium external - W 11cm - L 11cm - H 17cm

Medium internal - W 10cm - L 10cm - H 14cm 


Large external - W 20cm - L 20cm - H 21.5cm

Large internal - W 19cm - L 19cm - H 20cm 


Now printed in PETG for a better water and heat resistance and longevity, please note there may be a wait of up to 5 days for 3d prints depending on the product ordered.


Find all our new products available to view and buy at The Great Ant Exhibition Bristol 2024

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