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Lasius Niger

They most common ant in the UK, You will recognise Lasius Niger as the black garden ant found throughout the UK. The can form large colonies and trails that stretch meters. These ants only have one queen in their colony, but she can live for many years.

Lasius are perfect for beginners as they are very hardy and easy to work with.

 Very interesting and fun to watch, master basic skills such as barriers and feeding easily and safely with these Ants.


Queen: Size:8-9mm Workers: Size: 3-5mm Major: N/A

Protein and Sugars are required for this colony: Wax Worms, roaches and Meal worms.

Temperature : Room temp is fine in the UK

They Hibernate from November until March

Colony Size when mature : 10,000

Mono/Poly: Monogyne ( one queen per colony)

Lasius Niger are Fully claustral so do not require feeding until first workers arrive

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