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Messor Subscription Box

This Box is designed to be a short course for those who feel they already know the basics but are not ready for Intermediate, increasing your knowledge with Monthly Subscription Boxes whilst SPEADING THE COST.

Over the course of 4 months you will receive, A Messor Barbarus Colony with Care Guides & Walkthroughs.

Formicarium, foods, barriers and A Ants On A Rock Fact File!! Cool Fact Pages, Merchandise and so much more!!!

Each Month will be a Wonder and Surprise as you open your Ants On A Rock Subscription Box Delivered straight to your door.


You will also receive Emails to help us Tailor your personal boxes to your needs and state of your Ants.

Delivery's Sent 1st Week of each Month. Address are checked By Email before sending Each Month.



For more details get in contact Via The Button Bellow.

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