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Monomorium Floricola


Monomorium Floricola, a European Species often known as the flower Ant. They are very small, and breed very fast into a large colony, inbreeding within the nest area to add further queens to the colony.

These Ants require a humidity of 30-50% and a Temperature of 23-28 Degrees, keeping them slightly cooler will slow growth.

These Ants will Slow down for Diapause towards October, getting active again around February/March as it warms up.

Like most Ants they require a simple diet of Sugars for Carbs and Pre Killed Insects for Protein.


We recommend leaving your ants for 2 days after arrival to destress from posting. Smaller colonies do better kept in test tube until around 50 workers. Please do get in contact with any questions or issues, we are happy to help.

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