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Beginner Subscription Box


 This Box is designed to be all you need for your first year of Ant Keeping, Giving you the chance to Build Your Collection and SKILLS over the year with Monthly Subscription Boxes whilst SPREADING THE COST.

 Over the course of 12 months you will receive 3 Ant Colonies with Species Care Guides & Walkthroughs. Including Lasius N, Lasius Flavus and Messor barbarus.

Formicarium (Nest), Outworlds (Feeding Space), Foods, Barriers, Free Gifts, Ants on a Rock Fact File!! Cool Fact Pages each month, Merchandise and so much more!!!

 Each Month will be a Wonder and Surprise as you open your Ants On A Rock Subscription Box Delivered straight to your door.

 Delivery's Sent 1st Week of each Month.

 Price £15

Total value of goods £190 + Fact Sheets + Learning Guides


1. Can I cancel early? Yes of course, Cancel anytime, no problem

2. Do I get everything mentioned each month? Unfortunately not, We provide different contents each month depending on where in the course you are.

3. What will I learn? This course is a 3 part course, covering basic skills, Housing and Care Needs, Bioactivity , And Tubs and Tubes. 

4. How often do I get new Ants? We will send a new Ant colony on Month 1, 5 and 9.

Currently not taking more 

Under Redevelopment

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