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Messor Barbarus


Messor Barbarus commonly known as The Harvester Ant.

Messor are a really intresting slightly larger species with major workers and some cool other traits. They mainly eat seed but do require a top up of protein via insects. Queens are light sensitive so total darkness is required. Red does not work for Messor Barbarus from my own personal experience.


Humidity requirements: 50 – 60% •

Temperature requirements: 18 – 26 °C

Hibernation: November-February at 15°C

Suggested housing: Acrylic, soil.

Nutrition: They mainly eat seeds which they grind down to make ant bread. Sugars from honey or sugar water. Protein from insect sources such as Waxworms, Mealworms or Dubia Roaches.

Colony size: 1-10,000 when mature

Queen size: 14–18 mm • Worker size: 3–9 mm • Major size: 9–14 mm

Monogyne/polygyne: Monogyne (One Queen per colony)

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