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Azures Blue Dart Frog (Tadpole)


 Keep in fresh water, topped up every few days. 


After approximately 6-8 weeks, depending on the temperature and diet, the tadpole will develop visible back legs. Another month later, the front legs will develop. The fact is that the front legs actually develop at the same time as the back legs in frogs, but they don’t emerge until much later. Once all four legs are visibly developed, our Dart Frog is ready for its final metaphases. 


With his tail still visible and all four legs developed, the tadpole stops eating. They don’t need to be fed anymore because they are absorbing their tail for their nutritional needs.


Help Them Out Of Water


This stage of the metaphase is the most crucial stage for the Dart Frog. In the wild, the parents drop off their offspring in very shallow water so that when the tadpole reaches this stage, it can simple crawl out of the water to reach land. In captivity, we must lower the water and provide land area to aid in their final stage.


Simply lower the water that the tadpole is in, and tilt the cap at a 45-degree angle. Cover the cap with a vented cup lid so the frog does not escape.


The tadpole / froglet will spend some of its time in water and some of its time on land. This is all part of its development. When it finally decides to live on land, it has finished its final stage from tadpole to froglet. Transfer the froglet to its growing and observation tank. No feeding is necessary until the entire tail is 100 percent absorbed.


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