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Sphodromantis lineola

Sphodromantis lineola

A fairly easy to care for species, the Sphodromantis lineola are also known as the African Lined Mantis. Growing to around 6-8cm when adult, which is also when they get their wings. In this species both males and females are capably of flight. Being from Africa they do prefer warmer temperatures, although they live comfortably at general room temperature. A standard humidity of around 50% will be fine with spraying regularly twice weekly or as they get dry. Keep on a diet of Fruit Fly and small insects until larger when they require more substantial prey, able to attack and dispatch live most live prey with ease, a Mantis can be a truly fascinating addition to your invert collection.

Housing: Keep in a small netted encloser and grow it as they grow, giving them room to grow but keeping the space small to aid hunting

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