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Combo Nest- Outworld Range

Combo Nest- Outworld Range

Our newly redesigned Combo Range offers a compact solution to your Nesting & Outworld needs, being just 4cm tall but still offering plenty on space inside. Now featuring more natural shaped chambers and tunnels, these nests look stunning in both plastic and sand, offering hydration though a side port to make this process as easy as possible, with varying heights and chambers creating subtle changes within giving your Ants the opportunity to find their ideal location for different brood development.

Featuring a clear roof for easy viewing, we have coupled this with a tight-fitting lid to create a dark space when your not viewing, add a red cover to give that extra peace of mind when viewing by creating a false darkness for them.

 With a great Outworld space easily accessible for your colonies, a simple sliding clear Perspex lid allows for easy viewing and feeding.


Link together multiple nests and outworlds to create your dream setup!


Available in XS, S, M1 & M2 

XS (6x12x4), S (8x14x4), M1 (12x16x4), M2 (15x20x4)


Printed i n PLA for a more biodegradable product, sustaining long life, accessories are now more recyclable. Please note there may be a wait of upto 5 days for 3d prints depending on the product ordered.


Pictures coming soon. Find all our new products available to view and buy at The Great Ant Exhibition Bristol 2024

    £10.00 Regular Price
    £8.50Sale Price
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