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Lasius Flavus


Lasius Flavus commonly known as the yellow meadow ant

They spend a vast magority of their time underground farming root aphids.

Queens are a light brown with yellow a underbelly whilst workers are a lovely orange / yellow making for a truly beautiful Ant colony.

They are quite a timid species and very rarely found above ground apart from during Nuptial flight time.

Queen: Size:8mm Workers: Size: 2-4mm Major: N/A

Protein and Sugars are Required: Wax Worms / roaches /crickets are eaten by this Species.

Nesting: Test tube whilst founding , for best growth

 I recommend a natural set up although they will be ok in a man made set up. 

Temperature : UK room Temps are ok 

They Hibernate between November and March

Colony Size when mature : 10,000

Mono/Poly: Monogyne and Polygyne when in a very large natural set up where queens can be kept separately from each other.

Fully/Semi claustral : Fully claustral- feeding not required until first workers

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